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Biking the Euros – Why I’m Riding

Biking the Euros – Why I’m Riding This summer I’ll be riding my bike across Germany, from its northern border with Denmark to its Austrian southern border. Two thousand kilometers, solo, over 35 days. And while I ride, the top European men’s national football teams will also be in Germany, competing for the Euro 2024 […]

Biking the Euros – The Ride

Biking the Euros – The Ride Two thousand kilometers. Ten major German cities. Thirty-five days. Thirty thousand feet of total elevation gain. From Flensburg in the north, along Germany’s Danish border to picturesque Mittenwald at the Austrian border in the south. Past the Baltic Sea, along the Elbe River, through Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, among the […]

When This Heart Waits

Acting. Solving. Accomplishing… Doing. Or Thinking. Pondering. Listening… Waiting. “Waiting.” This idea has been in the forefront of my mind recently. Waiting, not doing. Waiting, not acting or problem solving or accomplishing. Just waiting. Being open. Listening, feeling, being. Over the past couple of weeks, my ritual here in Guanajuato has been the same. With […]