Biking the Euros

Finding beauty through courage, hope and connection. Raising money for mental health advocacy, treatment and recovery.

Follow me and get involved as I cycle 2,000 kilometers across Germany to celebrate the beauty of the Euro 2024 football tournament and raise money for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

Hi! I’m Chris, a writer and teacher, avid cyclist and lover of major international sporting events. I’ve attended the Olympic Games, the Men’s and Women’s Football World Cups, Wimbledon, the World Series, the Rose Bowl, the Final Four, and many other memorable competitions. I’ve also dealt with depression and anxiety throughout my life. This summer I’m excited to combine my loves for cycling, sport, and writing with my passion for bringing attention to the challenges millions, like myself, have faced due to depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental illness.

My ride will focus on the idea of “connection” – how we connect with the beauty of the world and how we connect with one another in ways to combat loneliness and to promote community, togetherness and love. I’m partnering with To Write Love on Her Arms, an organization whose mission is, in part, “finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.” One of TWLOHA’s core beliefs is, “People need other people.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Join me, follow my travels, and contribute your own story of discovering beauty through courage, hope or connection. And if you’re so moved, please consider contributing financially to the cause. Cheers, and let’s connect!

The Ride

Two thousand kilometers. Ten major German cities. Thirty-five days. Thirty thousand feet of total elevation gain. From Flensburg in the north, along Germany’s Danish border to picturesque Mittenwald at the Austrian border in the south. Past the Baltic Sea, along the Elbe River, through Berlin’s… (keep reading)

Why I’m Riding

At its core, this ride is a personal quest. A challenge for which I can hopefully rise. I want to test my limits, both physically and mentally, and do something “big.” This is an effort for me to embrace life, look my struggles straight in the eye, and… (keep reading)

Moral Support

My ride is about “connection,” which is why I need you, and why I’m hoping you will choose to connect with me, the ride, and perhaps with others who’ve also chosen to get involved. You’ve probably already read that I’m asking for financial help, but for me to accomplish my goals I’ll be depending… (keep reading)

Get involved!

Contribute to Chris’ To Write Love on Her Arms campaign, or support Chris directly as he rides his bike across Germany during the Euro 2024 football championship. While your financial contribution is greatly appreciated, there are a whole host of other ways to get involved that will help Chris achieve his goal.

To Write Love on Her Arms

Help Chris reach his $10,000 goal to support TWLOHA’s mission of “finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.” Chris has made connection the central theme of his ride, and TWOLA, with its belief that, “People need other people,” is the perfect partner.

Watch a video about TWLOHA’s history and mission.

Biking the Euros Go Fund Me

Support Chris directly during his ride. Buy him a bratwurst, a beer for him and a new friend, bike replacement parts, or a whole host of other things that will help make his ride a success. While Chris will be using Warm Showers and host stays, your small contributions will be just the financial and emotional boost he needs to complete his journey.

(If you’re choosing to donate to just one cause, please forgo supporting Chris’ Go Fund Me and contribute to his TWLOHA campaign instead.)

Cheer on Chris!

Join Chris on his ride by sending him words of encouragement, sharing his ride with others in your life or contributing your own story of finding beauty through courage, hope and connection. This ride will no doubt stretch the limits for Chris, both physically and emotionally. He wants you with him, in spirit if not in person. And through your involvement, Chris hopes the connections you make during his ride will also positively impact your life. Engage with Chris during his ride via email, Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp.